Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Orioles are back 5/1

I took a long walk along the Big Thompson River going from Highway 287 all the way to Wilson Ave. and back. I heard a Bullock's Oriole (209) for the only year bird of the day. Other than that it was very slow in the way of birds. I did see a family group of Canada Geese that had 4 babies. The only migrants I found was less than 2 dozen Yellow-rumped Warblers, 3 Audubon's and all the rest Myrtle's.
                                                     Mourning Dove

                                                     Mourning Dove


                                                    Canada Goose

                                                    Canada Goose

                                                     Song Sparrow

I then took a drive. First I stopped by Boedecker Reservoir with nothing of interest. Then back to 1st Street and CR23E and saw the male Eastern Bluebird sitting up on the wire.
                                                    Eastern Bluebird

Then I made stops at Ryan's Gulch Reservoir, Cattail Pond, Bud Mielke Reservoir, Bonnell Drive Pond, and the pond on County Line Road and CR 12 with not seeing anything of interest, but still saw a lot of new birds for me for the month of May.

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