Monday, April 30, 2012

A Rare Warbler on 4/30 plus a number of other recent sightings

On Thur 4/26 I was driving past Boedecker Reservoir I noticed some large shorebirds on a spit. While stopped I quickly realized they were Marbled Godwit, 11 of them.
                                                    Marbled Godwit

                                                    Marbled Godwit

On a walk along the Big Thompson River, also on 4/26, produced an adult Black-crowned Night-Heron (205) and a juvenile Broad-winged Hawk. When I arrived at the funeral home for my Grandfather's funeral I started thinking about it. The Black-crowned Night-Heron was the first bird on my life list as it was the first bird I identified after my Environmental Science class I took in High School where we learned about birds. The best thing about seeing that first Black-crowned Night-Heron is I was with my grandfather when I saw it and this bird on 4/26 being my only year bird of the day and on the same day we were laying my grandfather down to rest.
                                             Black-crowned Night-Heron

Then on 4/28 while driving from my parents house to get pizza for us and a bunch of family I spotted several larger shorebirds at Boedecker Reservoir. When I stopped and got my binoculars on they I quickly realized they were Whimbrel. Not only were these Whimbrel year bird 206, but more importantly they were Larimer County life bird 370 and they are the only Larimer life bird I have seen so far this year. I quickly went and picked up the pizza and took it home. I then left immediately to go back to Boedecker and they were still there. I took lots of photos of these birds and got one good photo. In the 45 minutes I was watching them several people got to see these birds which included Cade Cropper, Elane Coley (and husband), Cheri Orwig, Connie Kogler (and husband), and Denise Bretting (and husband). Other interesting birds present was 1 Hooded Merganser, 1 Lesser Scaup, 1 Northern Shoveler, 1 Eared Grebe, 1 flyover Peregrine Falcon, and 7 flyover White-faced Ibis (I got a good look at every bird to make sure there was no Glossy with them).

                                                    Peregrine Falcon

On 4/29, again driving by Boedecker Reservoir I saw 2 large shorebirds in the same spot as the Whimbrel from the day before. This time there was 2 Willets.
Today, 4/30, I got a call from Sean Walters that he had just seen a Northern Parula at his house. My brother and I were on the way into town, so we headed over there. We found the Northern Parula (207) in the first 5 minutes we were there. He showed us around his property and told me I was welcome to come bird it anytime I would like. Thank you Sean for the phone call about this bird and your welcome hospitality.
                                                    Northern Parula

Since I had good luck at Boedecker Reservoir on the previous two days I decided to make another stop. At the same location along the shore I found a great looking Spotted Sandpiper (208). Also there was a group of 27 Eared Grebes.
I also refound the pair of Eastern Bluebirds at the NW corner of 1st Street and CR23E. These birds appear like they are attempting to breed and they have been there since 4/22.
                                                    Eastern Bluebird

                                                    Eastern Bluebird

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